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The first and most important step in cam maintenance is inspection. Inspect your cams frequently. If you have any reason to doubt the integrity of a caroming unit (or any of your gear) heed your instincts and retire it. If it is a Metolius product, you can send it to us or inspection. You should destroy retired gear to prevent any chance of future use.

Look at the teeth on your cams. If they are worn unevenly, it probably means that the cam has lost its shape and is unsafe to use. Check for slop between the cams and the axle. There should he some free-play, but too much play indicates that the axle holes in the cams have become oval. Compare the free play to a new cam to get an idea of how much is acceptable.

Inspect the cable body carefully. It is okay to tweak the cable to straighten it after a fall, but if any of the wire strands that make up the cable have been broken or severely kinked, the unit needs to be retired. Look at the springs and cam stops, which can break if the unit is improperly placed and then loaded. Also take a look at the axle. It's possible to bend the axle of a small unit in a hard fall, in which case it needs to he retired.

The most likely place to find damage to your units is the trigger wires or the sling. You can tweak the trigger wires to straighten them if they become bent. Try to adjust the wires so all the canes retract at the same rate. When fully retracted, the cams should meet in line with the stern. Keep an eye on the swaged joint on the trigger wire. It is the most likely place for the wire to fray. If the sling or the stitching show major signs of abrasion, or if any of the stitching is broken, the sling must be replaced. Metolius will

replace slings or trigger wires on our cams for a nominal fee. We don't offer repair kits for the triggers because we like to get damaged or worn cams back in-house for a thorough inspection.

Care of your cams is a simple process. Keep them clean and dry. If they get wet, don't just throw them in the closet until the next trip. Dry them off and re-lobe them as soon as possible. If they get corroded, you can use steel wool or a Scotch Brite pad to remove the corrosion. Store your cams in a cool, dry place away from U.V. light sources.

To clean your cams, make a solution of one part Metolius EcoTech Cam Cleaner to 15 parts water. (For really tenacious grange, you can make a stronger solution.) Swish the heads in this solution while working the trigger bar, making sure to keep the slings out of the cleaner. Use the M-16 brush (this brush was originally designed to clean the intricate parts of an M-16 rifle)) to clean thoroughly all around the head, especially in the springs and inside the cam lobes. Rinse the unit thoroughly with plain water and then dry thoroughly.

Now you're ready to lobe your cams and restore like-new action. Shake Metolius Cam Lube vigorously, at room temperature, to mix all solids. (Use body heat to warm MCL if used in colder outdoor climates.) Apply MCL generously to the cam pivots and springs and work it in until the smooth action is fully restored. Wipe off excess tube with a rag then let MCL fully dry (several minutes to an hour). For optimum penetration, apply MCL to cams at or above 40°F (5' C).