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January 19, 2006
Q: Where is the best place to go mountain biking in or around Las Vegas?

A: According to Bob Sehlinger's Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas, the best places to go biking, in general, are out NV 159 (the extension of Charleston Blvd.) the 13-mile Red Rock Canyon Loop road and the round trip between the entrance to Red Rock and the town of Blue Diamond, west of Red Rock on NV 159.

A little farther afield is the eight-mile one-way ride from Overton Beach, at the northeastern tip of Lake Mead, to the visitor center at Valley of Fire State Park, on the unnumbered road that runs through the state park.

For mountain biking specifically, Bob recommends Cottonwood Valley, accessible off NV 160 (the road to Pahrump). It's 16 miles from the NV 160 exit off I-15 to the Mustang Trailhead parking lot on the right, or 17 miles to the Cottonwood Valley Trailhead, also on the right. Cottonwood Valley has "more than 200 miles of single track and double track for all skill levels, with five named loop trails, two named out-and-backs, and miles of unnamed trails and unpaved roads."

The other venue, which has become well-known in mountain-biking circles, is Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City (in BC, turn left at the light at Buchanan, then right on Canyon Road and continue to the parking lot). This is hard-core mountain biking; Sehlinger suggests you team up with locals your first time or two.

Las Vegas Advisor

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