A new singletrack loop, around a section of Lake Sonoma, near Healdsburg,
has recently been open to bikes. These trails were built for equestrians,
but due to the effort of local mtn bike advocates, it has recently been open
to bikes. (Note: maps may not show this change, but yes, this loop is bike

Lake Sonoma is a man made reservoir. The water is warm, and good for
swimming, however, clarity of the water is not that great.

The loop we rode is about 26 miles, with 4,600' of climbing. The loop took
us 8 hours, and included an extended snack break, a lunch stop, swim and
filter water stop, countless safety breaks, and also stops were we tried to
catch our breath after doing very steep climbs.

Note: the trail is over-grade in several places, so the ride is harder than
the numbers might make it appear.

There were some boats on the lake, and people camped at the boat-in
campgrounds, but we did not see a single equestrian, hiker or biker on the
trail all day, when we rode it on a Friday.

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Danny Forer

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