Mountain Bike - June 00
Uncle Knobby

Suspension forks are invariably several inches taller than rigid forks, and this extra height changes the head angle by an amount that can be somewhere between noticeable and horrible this lift also changes your riding position, which affects the way your ties are loaded, and on and on. The best answer is to sell your bike and get a new Klein designed for suspension. If you canít do that, you can get some of your old handling back by lowering your stem (flipping it over if threadless), and/or going to a flat bar if you have a riser. You can also try a more or less aggressive front tire. Try a VelociRaptor, for instance, and if that doesnít work, try a WildGripper Sprint. Front tires have a strong influence on handling, and you might be able to make your bike livable by that simple change. Finally, human beings are incredibly adaptable control systems, and you might have found that you are used o the bike by the time you read this. Hang in there, and you might begin to like your bike again through the miracle of the human brain.

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