Microsoft released a new version of HFNetChk today.

A couple of errors were fixed with the utility itself, and the
readme.txt file was updated to include instructions on using HFNetChk if
you cannot or do not want to update to at least MS Internet Explorer 5.0
(these instructions might have been there before, but I don't recall
seeing them).

If you are not familiar with HFNetChk, it is an excellent tool for
determining whether your WinNT or Win2k systems (workstations and
servers) have the recommended hotfixes installed. You run it from a
Command Prompt and HFNetChk downloads the current patch list from
Microsoft then checks to see if the system is up-to-date. (The patch
list, in XML format, is saved to the default directory, so you can also
test systems that aren't on the network.) Not only is the operating
system itself checked, but HFNetChk also knows how to check Exchange,
SQL and IIS. You can check systems across the network and can specify
multiple systems to be checked with one command. The output can be
redirected to file for detailed review and historic documentation

Using HFNetChk alone won't completely secure your system, but it does
make the process of checking for missing patches more manageable.

See http://www.microsoft.com/Downloads/Release.asp?ReleaseID=31154 and
the links therein for more info.

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